The family business of Dia Heiros Evdiriadis Leonidas was established in 1995 and has its headquarters in Thessaloniki, which is the Prefecture of Greece.

Creators of the business are Leonidas Evdiriadis, who specializes in the department of constructions and wood carving and his wife, Vaia Evdiriadi, who specializes in the painting and hagiography department.With the enlightenment of our Lord Jesus Christ and the experience of many decades upon His concession, the company specializes in the handmade construction and painting of wood carvings and icons, tree trunks, icons with gold-plating of true gold 24K with precious SWAROVSKI stones and true pearls, hagiography of temples and creation of Art Works for hotel units.

Afterwards, his children, Evdiriadis Anastasios and Evdiriadis Eleftherios joined the company's potential and they graduated of the Supreme Public School of Fine Arts in Greece. Evdiriadis Anastasios specializes in the creation of gold icons with gold-plating of true Gold 24K with precious SWAROVSKI stones and true pearls. Evdiriadis Eleftherios specializes in hagiography of temples, hagiography of icons, and the painting of artworks for hotel units.

The Evdiriadis family is a long-time workshop with production worldwide. All artworks made wholly by hand. The company "Dia Herios Evdiriadis Leonidas", managed to occupy a prominent position in the market by exporting to countries of Europe, America, Australia, Israel, Russia.

Every art work with the handwritten signature of Evdiriadis Leonidas is a unique handmade piece of artistic expression. His icons give you a sense of peace in your space and combine faith with decoration.

evdiriadis sign